ABOUT US LLC "Synegri" is one of the most modern woodworking enterprises in the Chernihiv region in the north of Ukraine. Over the past two years, the enterprise has put into operation modern high-tech equipment, which allows for a complete waste-free wood processing cycle.
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OUR CLIENTS Where we work We are located directly at the raw material base - pine forests of Chernihiv region. This location gives us access to resources and savings on logistics. We can purchase high-quality raw materials and process it and deliver it to the client in the shortest possible time. Over the years of responsible and painstaking work, we have managed to earn hundreds of grateful customers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Our products are represented in countries such as Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, USA, China, India, Philippines, UAE and Egypt.
Every day we raise industry quality standards! Our technologies! Now the company operates a modern 4th generation Ustunkarli sawing line using the latest software and hardware technologies, which allows for the most accurate sawing of wood and the production of high-quality lumber with the lowest energy costs.

Also, the company operates a line for the production of glued jointed products FL-20-250. The line is designed for wood splicing using the open or closed tenon method. The average productivity of the line is 10,000 running meters of products per shift. A new rare for Ukraine press has been installed for gluing structural elements up to 12 meters, which are used in construction as load-bearing structures. A new four-sided machine has also been installed, which allows processing workpieces with a size of 200 by 300 mm, which is also a rarity in Ukraine. The line produces: glued and finger-jointed timber; lining; window laminated timber; spliced plinth; block-house.

Drying kilns made in Italy by BIGonDRY are designed for loading 125 m3 of wood each. These cameras are provided with an innovative electronic control system that ensures efficient operation and absolute safety.
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