Houses from rounded logs The company "Synegri" is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly wooden houses made of glued beams. For more than 5 years, our company has been designing and building houses from environmentally friendly wood, which is selected from forest areas.

Actual and popular housing in Ukraine continues to be houses made of logs. Based on the characteristics of the material, such buildings offer comfortable living, retain their performance characteristics for a long time. 

The rounded timber is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, a durable and reliable material. Houses made of it are distinguished by their decorative effect and attractive external presentation. 

Houses from rounded logs – pros and cons

In the process of obtaining a rounded log, all loose parts are removed, only a strong and high-quality core part is allowed for further use. Wooden houses made of rounded logs will please the owners with the following important advantages:

  • optimal microclimate, which is ensured by natural features of wood; 
  • reliability and durability of the building; 
  • environmental safety; 
  • attractive appearance; 
  • cozy atmosphere, comfortable stay; 
  • low load on the foundation. 

The main disadvantage of structures made of rounded logs can be attributed to resistance to decay. But this minus can be eliminated by treating the surface with special protective compounds. Modern timber houses from our company 

With all its advantages, the construction of houses from rounded logs will cost much less than buildings from the same glued timber and many other materials. Our company offers to buy a house from logs to everyone. The official website shows a lot of projects, among which those who wish can easily choose the right solution for themselves. Our builders have extensive experience, which allows us to quickly build buildings and perform all works with high quality. 

The company strives for maximum customer satisfaction. Due to an individual and responsible approach, each customer will receive a turnkey log house in full accordance with their needs. We try to offer the most favorable conditions to our customers. By minimizing cost factors and optimizing workflows, prices are low and allow you to buy a house from logs with maximum savings.