A house made of glued laminated timber is durable, reliable and unpretentious in use. It will perfectly serve as a residential and non-residential premises. The price of a house made of glued laminated timber in Ukraine is quite acceptable. Everyone can afford this cozy corner. If you correctly design such a house, then over the years it will be more and more luxurious in appearance. In addition, at the moment there are many projects of such houses: you can order a turnkey house from glued laminated timber or just a box. It depends on the personal preferences of the customer.

The production of materials for such houses is as follows. First of all, high-quality wood is selected, which is converted into lamellas, separating the unusable part. Then the resulting material is dried for about a week. After the lamellas have become completely dry, they stick together to form a beam. Finally, an important wood preservative process is carried out, which makes it resistant to fire and various chemical elements.

Advantages of wooden houses from glued laminated beam

If you buy a house made of glued laminated timber from the Synegri company in Kyiv, you can get a number of advantages:

  • The process of building a house is quite fast. The house is both modern and reliable. When choosing high-quality materials, you can significantly save on construction.
  • No interior decoration required.
  • Walls and ceilings are as even and smooth as possible.
  • The house will stand firmly for about 100 years.
  • Resistant to strong earthquakes.
  • Can be built at almost any time of the year.

A house made of glued laminated timber has a lot of positive reviews, they indicate that the professionalism of the builders and the quality of the wood guarantee comfort and reliability. It is very important to pay special attention to the design of the house. With its competent implementation, the construction process will be as simple and fast as possible, and the house will stand for many years.

The construction of houses from glued beams by the masters of the Synegri company is carried out at the highest level. Our company consists of experienced craftsmen who are well versed in building a house, you can verify this by looking at the catalog of projects on our website.

You can buy a house from glued laminated timber using the phone number indicated on the website or online on the website.