Planed board  Planed board is the most versatile, multifunctional and sought-after lumber. For example, a planed edged board can be used for interior decoration, for making furniture, laying floors or steps. It is also used for facing buildings and various structures, the construction of platforms, sheds. It can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of glued beams.
recycling cycle
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
200+ Implemented
Planed board  Characteristics
Length from 3 to 6 m
Thickness from 20-50 mm
Width from 50-180 mm

Basic information about product

A planed board is a product of the woodworking industry, characterized by a smooth surface on all sides. Lumber is produced on special machines that allow you to get a perfectly flat plane. The raw material for the manufacture of planed edged boards is natural wood, mainly coniferous and hardwood. Planed boards made of oak, beech, spruce, pine and other types of wood are in great demand among consumers.

Our company offers to buy planed boards of various sizes.

A dry planed board is distinguished by a whole range of positive characteristics: strength, high wear resistance, environmental friendliness, resistance to biologically active microorganisms, and durability. The material is actively used in the construction of various building structures, for filing roofs, making fences, arbors, outbuildings, etc.

Classification and range

Planed board, which our woodworking company offers to buy, is classified according to surface cleanliness into:

  • products with a leveled plane, obtained by the method of rough sharpening, are characterized by an imperfect surface;
  • planed dry boards with a well-polished plane, do not have roughness and irregularities on the surface.

Also, the planed board is divided into grades: the highest, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Premium grade products have the highest performance, they do not have cracks, knots on the surface or signs of decay.

Planed board from our company – the best ratio of price and quality

Our woodworking company offers high-quality planed board at a price lower than that of competitors. The catalog of the online store presents a large range of products at the best cost in Ukraine. You will be able to profitably purchase a board planed from beech, spruce, oak, pine and other types of natural wood from us.

The advantages of our products are:

  • excellent strength
  • high wear resistance
  • aesthetic appearance
  • environmental safety;
  • practicality;
  • long service life.

You can buy planed boards of all grades from us with delivery at the place of demand. The company’s lumber is used in a wide variety of sectors of the national economy, including the construction industry, furniture production, architecture, the manufacture of billboards, the construction of fences, etc. In order to buy a planed board in Kyiv, you do not need to go anywhere, just visit the website of our company and place an order online.