Furniture panel (solid-lamellar, spliced)  A furniture panel is a rectangular wood-based sheet material made by gluing together along the width and, in some cases, along the length of planed wooden bars, with a width of each bar from 10 mm to 50 mm..
4000+ m³ Shield production
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
recycling cycle
Furniture panel (solid-lamellar, spliced)  Characteristics
Thickness 18/20/30/40mm
Width 100-1400 mm

Furniture panel is a demanded material with good mechanical properties. Unlike other sheet materials, the furniture panel has a more noble structure. If some lumber is made mainly by pressing shavings and other woodworking wastes, then furniture panels are completely made of natural solid wood.

The material is environmentally friendly, does not contain formaldehyde. Modern furniture made of furniture panels is highly durable and does not deform over time, unlike solid wood furniture. The material is durable, maintainable, has a beautiful texture. To be more precise and consider the product from the technical side, then a furniture board is wood elements glued together under high pressure.

How much does the product cost or how does pricing work out

Prices for furniture panels are different, the cost of the material depends on the wood used in the production, as well as the length and width of the product. High-quality furniture board from the manufacturer is supplied to the market in several versions. Woodworking company offers: furniture panel made of alder, pine, oak and ash.

Furniture from a furniture panel – advantages

Furniture items made from furniture boards have a number of advantages. For example, kitchens made of furniture panels are distinguished by good performance properties, resistance to cracking and deformation, aesthetics, and original appearance.

Such furniture is produced without the use of chemical impurities, unlike furniture made of chipboard and MDF. Especially popular are products made from coniferous trees, which fill the air in the room with phytoncides and adsorb harmful substances.

In addition to furniture, tabletops, shelves for books and flowers, decorative panels, window sills, interior and entrance doors are made from glued material.

Where to order and buy a furniture panel in Kyiv?

Furniture panels can be bought on the website of our woodworking company – this is the most profitable and convenient option. The manufacturer sets prices for products without a trade margin and ships products to all regions. The application is made on the site in just a few minutes. Convenient payment methods, fast delivery times, low prices are the main advantages of cooperation. You can ask a manager a question by phone number indicated in a special section of the site or by filling out a consultation form.