Wall paneling, planken (solid, spliced)  Wooden planken is a finishing material, which is a board planed from all sides. It is an excellent alternative to lining, can be used for interior or exterior decoration of buildings. If you mount a planken on the facade, then it must be very carefully treated from rot and covered with a thick layer of varnish or paint for reliable protection from moisture. Thanks to this, the finish will last a long time and retain its beautiful appearance.
recycling cycle
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
200+ Implemented
Wall paneling, planken (solid, spliced)  Characteristics
Wall paneling
Thickness 12-16mm
Width 80-120 mm
Length 2-6 m
Thickness 18-30mm
Width 100-140 mm
Length 2-6 m
Wall paneling, planken (solid, spliced)  Application area

About the benefits of planken

Planken can be bought for interior decoration of living rooms, baths, offices, attics and other premises. Here are the main advantages of this material:

  • excellent aesthetic qualities. On the planken, the natural pattern of wood is clearly visible, which in itself is already an ornament. And with the help of varnishing, you can give the planks a deeper and richer shade. Interior and facade from planken will look beautiful in any light;
  • like the wooden lining more familiar to the buyer, the finishing planken is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful substances;
  • it’s easy to mount it. For this work, you do not need any special equipment and expensive tools. If you have ever laid a lining, then you will surely cope with the installation of planken. You can buy it right now by placing an order on this page;
  • boards of different thicknesses and widths are produced, different types of wood are used for their production. That is, you will always have a good choice of planken. The price of this material depends primarily on the type of wood from which it is made.

If you need to buy high-quality planken in Ukraine, then it is here that you will find such a finishing material. In our assortment there is a solid and finger-jointed planken at a good price. You can always check the current cost of lumber with our consultant.