Frame houses The company "Synegri" is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly wooden houses made of glued beams. For more than 5 years, our company has been designing and building houses from environmentally friendly wood, which is selected from forest areas.

Frame construction continues to gain increasing popularity. Currently, many people make their choice in favor of frame houses. This is largely due to the pleasant features and numerous advantages of such buildings. Today, a frame house is offered to be bought by many construction companies. Our company also offers to promptly build a modern house or other premises on a frame basis in Kyiv. 

Features of frame buildings

Frame construction involves the assembly of components at the facility. As a result, the reliability of such objects will be determined by the quality of the initial components. When building, it is very important to observe the ideal ratio of the dimensions of the components. Their discrepancy will negatively affect the further functioning of the frame house. Also, during construction, it is important to observe the correct technology. Only competent specialists will be able to build a house that will stand idle and serve without complaints for a long time. These are the people who staff our company. Each of them has solid experience, as well as all the necessary knowledge to quickly carry out the construction of frame houses of any complexity. 

Advantages of frame houses

A monolithic frame house has a number of valuable advantages, among which it is worth noting the following important points: 

  • Fast installation. With proper experience and the presence of related conditions, a frame house project can be embodied in a real object in just 1-2 months. After the construction, you can immediately proceed to the interior decoration of the house. 
  • Relatively low cost. Compared to brick and other structures, the price for a frame house takes on lower values. 
  • Lack of shrinkage, which is ensured by the use of well-dried wood in construction. Thanks to this, immediately after the construction, you can proceed to the interior decoration of the house. 
  • Environmental friendliness. The structures under consideration are built from natural and environmentally friendly materials. 
  • Resistant to temperature extremes. Frame houses retain their geometry equally well in the warm season and in the winter. 

Modern frame houses from our company

Our company offers modern frame houses in Ukraine. Over a long period of work, the company has accumulated solid experience, which is successfully converted into high quality buildings. The use of certified materials ensures the reliability and durability of houses. The company’s catalog offers a variety of frame house projects in Kyiv, thanks to which customers can be guaranteed to choose the right solutions. After signing the contract, our builders will get to work. They will carry out all the work with high quality and in a short time will erect a frame house in full accordance with the approved project.