Wooden garden furniture  One of the important components of landscape design is garden furniture. It can be made from various materials. But the most popular is wood. Tastefully arranged chairs and tables are able to transform the yard, emphasize its individuality, uniqueness, create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.
recycling cycle
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
200+ Implemented
Wooden garden furniture  Characteristics
Solid wood furniture Such furniture looks very impressive, it is able to impress and delight. Her naturalness look harmonious and concise. Such furniture is made from the best wood species, therefore it is characterized as very durable. It is made from solid trunks and requires manual work by craftsmen. For this reason, solid furniture cannot be cheap. Its cost is high, as is the quality.
Wicker furniture Another type of wooden garden furniture, which attracts with its elegant appearance and lightness of details. Having opted for such a model, the buyer gets the opportunity to add sophistication and elegance to the garden plot, significantly transforming it with wicker elements. Wicker furniture can become the very highlight of the garden plot, which captivates at first sight. Such furniture is impractical only in rainy weather, it requires protection from precipitation. Therefore, an acceptable option would be to place such furniture in gazebos or verandas.
Folding garden furniture made of wood Such furniture is preferred if there is no permanent place to relax in the garden. Folding wooden furniture is very convenient to move from place to place, if there is such a need.

Wooden garden furniture will be a great solution for any yard. It will emphasize the eco-friendly idea, add bright colors to the overall view of the garden. The outer surface of the furniture imitates the natural structure of wood, emphasizing the pattern and texture of wood. Wood is a strong and durable material, as a result of which solid wood furniture will delight others with its bewitching performance for a long time.

Wooden garden furniture from Synegri 

Currently, it is possible to purchase garden wooden furniture in many specialized companies. At the same time, each of them offers a certain assortment and different price tags for products. On favorable terms, those who wish can buy wooden garden furniture in our company. We have been manufacturing custom-made furniture for a long time. Over a long period of work, our company has accumulated solid experience, as well as a large knowledge base. This allows you to make garden furniture, namely wooden, of any complexity. In the process of work, modern tools are used that contribute to maximum accuracy and speed of work.

Wooden garden furniture is made by experienced craftsmen. Each of them has solid skills and has a long experience of similar work behind them. This allows us to produce non-standard furniture of various configurations in accordance with customer orders. The company’s designers will take into account the wishes of the customer (shape, size, finish) and develop a suitable project. For the manufacture of garden furniture from wood, craftsmen use a high-quality array. This contributes to the preservation of the original appearance of the furniture for a long time.

We offer wooden garden furniture in Kyiv with delivery to the customer’s address. Payment is made on the spot after delivery.