Unedged board  Today, in the field of construction and finishing works, unedged board is a sought-after lumber. This fact is due to affordable cost, excellent quality characteristics of the material and a wide range of applications in various areas of construction.
coniferous, deciduous Wood species
on order 1-4 grade
from 20 to 50 mm Thickness
from 2 to 6 m Length
Unedged board  Characteristics
Size Standard / On order
Length from 2 to 6 m
Unedged board  Application area

Areas of application for dry unedged boards

Lumber in this category is distinguished by raw side edges – the edge of the board may be poorly sawn or not sawn at all. For its manufacture are used deciduous and coniferous tree species, the logs of which are amenable to longitudinal sawing. Separately, it is worth noting that if you decide to buy an unedged board, then you will definitely appreciate the optimal combination of affordable cost and good quality characteristics.

Lumber is often used in the construction of structures that do not require an ideal appearance – the construction of utility and storage rooms, sheds, arbors, fences, etc. It is considered an excellent basis for sheathing – imitation of timber, block house, lining and other materials.

Unedged oak board, which has a minimum number of defects and knots, will be the best choice in the manufacture of stairs, doors and various pieces of furniture. Larch lumber is often used to build strong fences, due to its quality characteristics – over time and under the influence of moisture, the material will only become stronger.

An unedged pine board will be an excellent choice for strengthening the surface, protecting it from the penetration of moisture and cold in baths. As a result of processing, a high-quality “semi-finished product” is obtained from lumber – lining, bars, plinths, etc. The unedged board in the interior also deserves special attention. After varnishing, it becomes a real decoration, which can recreate the special atmosphere of old huts.

Why is it worth buying unedged boards in Kyiv from our company?

  • Unedged board prices will pleasantly surprise every client. It should be noted that the availability of lumber does not affect its quality characteristics in any way.
  • The strength indicators of an unedged oak board are in no way inferior to the edged analogue. At the same time, the skillful use of the natural features of the wane by some interior designers makes it possible to obtain unusual furniture or finishing material.
  • Ecological purity and naturalness.
  • Wide range of uses.