Profiled timber houses The company "Synegri" is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly wooden houses made of glued beams. For more than 5 years, our company has been designing and building houses from environmentally friendly wood, which is selected from forest areas.

Modern building materials can`t take the leadership position from natural wood in the creation of prefabricated residential buildings. So, building a house from profiled timber will become not only relevant, but also a competent decision. This fact is explained not only by the qualitative characteristics of the material itself, but also by the advantages of construction technology. 

Features of building a house from profiled timber

First of all, it is worth noting the full compliance of each beam with a clearly defined configuration. During the production process, the log is cut to certain parameters with maximum precision, which is a guarantee of obtaining high-quality lumber. As a result, a tight fit of the elements is ensured, which has a positive effect on thermal insulation. Such a house will be better to keep warm and not blown. Also, the ingress of moisture into the grooves is completely excluded, so the natural building material is not afraid of fungus or decay. 

Smooth and even walls made of profiled timber have a very aesthetic appearance. Therefore, if necessary, you can save on decorative finishing work and enjoy the absolute naturalness of your home. Houses made of profiled timber in Kyiv will be an excellent solution for both seasonal and permanent residence (warming work is required). But, it is important to note that such buildings require a much smaller amount of thermal insulation material than frame houses. 

The apparent simplicity of building a house should not mislead you, the process requires certain knowledge and skills in low-rise construction. Contacting professionals who will take care of all the work and assemble a house from a turnkey profiled timber in the minimum amount of time is the best solution. So, compliance with all construction technologies will allow you to get a comfortable and aesthetic place of residence that fully meets your ideas. 

Advantages of houses made of natural material

  • For a house made of profiled timber, the price is affordable and will pleasantly surprise you. This fact is due to the ease of processing lumber. 
  • Speed and ease of assembly. 
  • There is no need for finishing work. 
  • If you decide to buy a house made of profiled timber, then you will definitely appreciate the preservation of the natural properties of the building material (optimal air exchange, maintaining the temperature and humidity in the premises at ideal levels, etc.). 
  • Ecological purity of the material. 
  • No need for an expensive foundation.