Profiled house timber  Profiled timber - sawn timber from coniferous wood (pine, spruce, cedar). It is made both with a semicircular and a flat outer side and connectors for connection at the edges. For production, the core of the tree is used because of its strength and high resin content.
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
recycling cycle
Profiled house timber  Characteristics
Size 100-200*160mm
The shape of the front side straight, curved
Structure one-piece, glued

Profiled timber is an actual material from which you can build a house, a bathhouse, summer cottages. It is made from wood species such as pine, spruce, cedar or larch. The most popular raw material is pine or spruce. Profiled timber uses solid wood, which in some cases is processed both in its natural form and subjected to chamber drying. The technology of chamber drying avoids the risks of shrinkage and deformation of the material, or minimizes them. Microorganisms are also eliminated in chamber drying at high temperatures. The profiled timber of natural drying must be treated from parasites.

The cross section can be standard or non-standard.

The outer or inner side have a smooth surface. In the middle there is a space for laying interventional insulation.

Advantages of buying profiled timber

  1. Bars of chamber drying do not demand finishing. Due to the smooth surfaces, it is enough to sand and paint them.
  1. A house or a bath is assembled easily and quickly.
  1. The house made of profiled timber has an aesthetic appearance and modern design.
  1. All the natural qualities of wood are preserved in the profiled timber.
  1. Great thermal insulation. A house or bath built from such material is much warmer.
  1. Profiled timber has a very affordable price, and its quality is at the highest level.

However, profiled timber has disadvantages.

As with any material from a solid array, cracks appear in the profiled timber.

Properties that are characteristic of all wood materials are combustibility (can be eliminated by impregnation with flame retardants).

After reviewing all the pros and cons, you decide what to build your house, bathhouse or cottage from. And if you settled on a profiled beam, then we suggest buying it from the Synegri company. For all questions or placing an order, call the phone number indicated on the site or fill out the form for consultation.