Edged board  Edged board is a natural building material that is actively used both in domestic and industrial construction. As a plank of softwood, specially treated along the edges so that there is no layer of tree bark on the side edges, this material combines the best qualities of wood.
recycling cycle
5+ Years in
3 000+ m³ of processing raw materials per month 
200+ Implemented
Edged board  Characteristics
Size Standard / On order
Thickness 20-50mm
Width 80-250 mm
Length 2-6 meters
Edged board  Application area

Edged board is sawn timber, which is made from various types of wood and is widely used in construction, furniture production, automotive, shipbuilding and various sectors of the national economy. Products are made by sawing logs with subsequent cutting of the side faces.

The raw material for the production of edged boards is coniferous, soft and hard wood. Lumber made from such types of wood as pine, larch, spruce, oak, beech, hornbeam, aspen, birch and others is in high demand among consumers.

In our company it is available to buy edged boards from all listed types of wood.

The offered products are classified according to a variety of criteria, including:

  • by grade – it can be of the first, second, third and fourth grade, as well as selected (it has the highest operational qualities);
  • according to humidity – the edged board is divided into dry with a moisture percentage of not more than 23%, material with a moisture content of more than 23% and raw, which has undergone a special treatment against the formation of mold, decay and insects.

Our company sells one of the highest quality edged building boards in Kiev in various standard sizes.

Main advantages and operational properties

Edged board at the price of the manufacturer, which is offered by our woodworking company, is distinguished by excellent performance. The key advantages of the material are:

  • high resistance to environmental influences – our products are practically not subject to cracking, shrinkage and swelling;
  • ease of use – high-quality processed material makes it easy to build any structures, for example, a fence made of edged boards is mounted very quickly and does not require any special skills;
  • environmental safety – the buildings of dry edged boards, whether it is a country house or a bathhouse, are considered the most environmentally friendly, they do not adversely affect a person and have a healthy microclimate and a special flavor.
  • profitability – we sell edged boards at the best price available to the widest range of consumers.

The advantages of products also include: strength, wear resistance and long service life – edged board can last up to a hundred years.

Buy edged board at a good price

Lumber from our company is in high demand among buyers. We offer edged boards at an affordable price throughout Ukraine, which is widely in demand in the construction of private houses, country cottages, utility rooms, bathhouses and gazebos. Many types of products are used in the furniture industry, automotive industry, and when installing wooden floors.

It is profitable to buy edged boards in the online store of our company for several reasons:

  • high quality of products sold;
  • a large assortment of goods;
  • the most simplified purchase process through the website or by phone;
  • convenient payment options for goods;
  • delivery of products directly to the customer.